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Association for the critical examination of the infomation technology and the research at the physics of information.
Research areas are hydrogen bridge bonding, electromagnetic fields, anomalies of water and information in the physical and emotional realm.
For this purpose, the association cooperates with InfoLab at Stadtwerkstatt Linz, and with Donautics various floating installations on the Danube and areas close to the coast.

Eleonore Beacon
I am still alive 2

ELeonore - Annual projects 2021:
The Grundl-Cam (Gobiidae) of the Eleonore LIVE from the Traun.

Next Announcement Eleonore:
Eleonore - 19.6. Beacon2 Start of beacon2 via Satellite es'hail

"FREIE MEINUNG BRAUCHT FREIE MEDIEN" Satelliten Uplink von der Eleonore

Die Arbeitsbereiche finden sich auch im Infolab der Stadtwerkstatt